design department

Our CAD facility enables us to implement your designs, logos and writings rapidly and straightforwardly into our binding programmes. These programmes will then be transmitted to the computer-operated Jacquard weaving machines and weaved or printed directly onto the textile via the digital printing machine. We are, therefore, able to weave or print textiles for linen, bed linen, ticks, clothing fabrics, decoration fabrics and terry towelling products with your designs. We, moreover, are able to manufacture these goods according to your preferences in size.

For more detailed information, we would kindly ask you to send us an written enquiry, which should, in order to secure a prompt processing, include the following points:


  • Intended purpose colour
  • Material weight
  • Size (width, length for measured textiles)
  • Picture (JPG or TIF format)
  • Sample size in textile and quantity
  • Quantity