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Know how

The factory is equipped with 28 rapier weaving machines, which allow us to weave textiles up to 240 cm in width in Jacquard and 340 cm in stem patterning. Our textile preparation consists of 2 sectional warpers up to 340cm in width, as well as 1 dipping machine. Thereby, we are able to produce our warps on site, which enables a rapid and flexible manufacture.

Our machinery enables us to quickly and efficiently produce a wide spectrum of textiles. Furthermore, we can manufacture textiles in stem, Jacquard, terry cloth and rotation technique and are able to process all staple fibres and filament yarns. The most important materials are:

  • cotton conventionally or organically cultivated
  • linen conventionally or organically cultivated
  • wool
  • silk
  • hemp
  • viscose in staple fibre or filament
  • polyester in staple fibre or filament
  • meta and para aramid in staple fibre or filament

The refining, colouring and printing is conducted by highly productive specialists, which enable us to deliver textiles according to your preferences.