Rechberger Michael LLC

Linzer Straße 18/20
4170 Haslach an der Mühl

Legal form: incorporated enterprise
CEO: Michael Rechberger
tel.: ++43 (0) 7289 / 71533
fax: ++43 (0) 7289 / 72058


Index form: commercial register
Register/location: commercial court Linz
Register number: FN368654p

Chamber: Chamber of Commerce Upper Austria
Sales tax ID number: ATU66713513

Website programming:
werbeagentur mediaprima


Data privacy statement

We collect, process and use your details only within legal regulations.

This data privacy statement only applies for the usage for websites provided by us. It does not apply for websites of third party service providers, which we refer to via weblinks.

With using our websites you stay anonymous, as long as you decide to provide us with your personal details. Personal details will only be collected, if needed for offered services on our website, such as sending enquiries.

Any of your personal details will be treated as strictly confidential. Your personal information will only be used by us and will not be given to any third party, unless we are legally obliged to do so. We, however, point out that via transmission of data on the internet, it cannot be excluded that a third party registers or manipulates your data.

If demanded, we allow you insight into your saved personal data and respectively delete those. If you wish to gain insight, amend or delete your personal details, please send us a mail to the in this section denoted address.

Within the scope of informing our customers about new products etc, we only send you emails, if you provide us with your email address.