The company was established in 1850 by Michael Rechberger as linen cloth merchant business with a hand weaving mill in St. Stefan near Haslach. The company has been a family business ever since and is now leaded by the fifth generation of the Rechberger family.

In 1901 the company was moved to its current location in Linzerstrasse 18/20 right by the river Steinerne Mühl. The power of the water has been used from that moment on to generate electricity for the weaving machines. With that, the development from the craftsman's establishment to the industrial manufacture took place.

We are able to gain about 2/3 of the needed power out of our eco-friendly small hydro power plant.

In 1956, a major fire destroyed the factory, which was then rebuilt.

In 1960, the factory was expanded by a second weaving hall.

In 2009, the old building was thermally reconstructed, which led to a considerable reduction of CO2 emission.

In 2013, the new weaving mill in the Sternwaldstr. 58 right next to the B 38 was built, which now enables us to weave textiles with up to 340 cm in width. Furthermore, new ready-to-wear machines for telly-towelling products as well as the digital printing machine found its place in the new building, which allows us to print up to 600dpi on all textiles up to a width of 180cm.